Lauramarca. Peru. Mid 20th.

Excellent poncho woven in two cloths, warp-faced, on a stake loom. The garment does not have fringes. It was made with sheep's wool dyed with cochineal, indigo and other natural dyes. Measurements: Length: 160 cm / 63 in. Width: 114 cm / 44.88 in.

Of Quechua origin, its design of wide streets with the representation of the potato flower, executed with the supplementary warp or false double-sided technique, inexorably links it to Mapuche blankets, girdles and ponchos. However, this garment was woven by the Quechua ethnic group, a tributary of the Inca people. It is surprising then that in its expansion towards the south, the Inca empire halted its advance in the Araucanian territory; It was impossible for them to subdue the now called Mapuches. But that military confrontation did not prevent a cultural crossing between the two peoples.

Lauramarca is located in the Department of Cusco, Ocongate District. Peru. S.E.H.IX-OOMM

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