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New prices. Plows, Seeders, Cultivators, Harrows, Circular Knives, Plowshares, Rollers, etc. (...) Catalog No. 5. Buenos Aires. 1905.

Quarto oblong (15.5 x 22.8 cm / 15.5 x 8.97 in), 53 pp. Paperback publisher binding. Exemplar in excellent condition.


The firm of Juan and José Drysdale & Co, installed on 450 Perú Street in Buenos Aires, distributed catalogs throughout the country, promoting the sale of its machinery. It did so with the warning that prices were subject to change without notice, despite indicating that they were set in "sealed gold", converted into legal tender at the rate on the day the delivery was made ... And they were in 1905.


In its catalog it promotes the different brands of agricultural implements that it sold; among them "The Russian", "The African", "The Dutch", "Excelsior", "Good Enough", "Moline", "Southern Chief", "Crescent", "Chattanooga", "Scotch Clipper" and "Guanaco", "Parrot" and "Lorito". Each one with its corresponding illustration and technical references.

AUTHOR Juan y José Drysdale y Cía.

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