Faca. Brazil. First half of the 19th century.

Important knife with its round section handle, made with buffalo antlers decorated with ivory inlays -in the shape of circles and rectangles- and bronze studs. At the ends of the hilt the silver sockets. The sheath, made of leather and silver, has the characteristic flat section of the old knives and with its shape that copies the curve of the edge of the blade. It has a small lock, the toe in the shape of a tiny sphere, repaired, and is ornamented by a chiseled waterline with a kind of perimeter guard and the detail of leaves and a flower. Measurements. Blade length without button: 23.3 cm / 9.17 in. Total length: 37.2 cm / 14.64 in.

Its blade -rectangular, with a smooth back and a curved heel-, has a beautiful button, whose decoration has a scalloped guard in the center.

Without a doubt, we are looking at a beautiful work of early Brazilian cutlery, with its shapes very close to Mediterranean daggers.

S. On. 4. L14

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