Pair of spurs. North central Argentina. First half of the 20th century.

Interesting pair of cast and chiselled spurs, with its good-looking bow, with irregular edges decorated with chiseled leaves and flowers, with a rectangular eyelet and a button at its ends to fasten the straps, absent. It does not have a rim, a function assumed by a ring welded to the center of the arch, where the springs made here with flat silver links are fixed. It presents a curved pihuelo, with a chiselled band, at the end of which the iron shaft passes through on which the slices rotate, also made of this last metal. Measures. Length: 17 cm. Weight 623 grams.

Although we classify them among the variants located in the central and northwestern provinces of Argentina, they have the particularity of offering both legs decorated, and do not include silver overalls. These details confirm the stylistic design patterns but noting that the creation of each silversmith and the instruction of a possible client recreate the original models, removing them from the orthodox stiffness.


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