Why can you
buy in Hilario?

Customers choose us because we are very rigorous in the selection and study of the pieces that we include in our catalogs. We consult an important network of national and international experts and offer each article accompanied by a specially prepared Piece Research.

In the description of each piece its state of conservation is indicated. And if you require it, we will provide you with additional information.

In addition to acting in the Art and Antiques Auction space, we are an antiquarian bookstore and art and antiquities gallery, and we have a long history in cultural management; we edit magazines, books and catalogs; we organize local and international exhibitions, and we are especially concerned with cultural heritage.

Different ways to buy

You can buy
in Hilario through different ways

* In our gallery, we request a previous appointment, we want to offer you a personalized treatment. Leave us your concern by sending us an email.

* In the Thematic Fields offered on our website.

  • ART
  • MAPS

In our Experiencia
Hilario Auctions: presential and online.

We organize four stellar auctions in the year with a selection of pieces that brings together lots of painting, drawing, sculpture; graphic work; old cartography; literary and historical manuscripts; books, brochures, posters and printed matter; vintage and modern photography; traditional furniture, silversmithing, textiles; tribal art and other folk arts.

The lots are previously exhibited in our gallery and you can participate in the auction in person; leaving us offers "under envelope" so that we manage your will in your absence; or requesting a telephone line to bid in that way and live, or bidding online. If you are not yet a client of the house, we will ask you to open a new account providing the requested information and you will be assigned a buyer number.

When the pieces are on public exhibition -the previous days to the auction- you can come to our gallery at the indicated times and days. In these times of pandemic and applying the most rigorous protocols, we are organizing the next visits only with previous appointments. So we ask you to inform us of your visit plan and we will respond to you to coordinate schedules.

You can participate
from the comfort of your home.

The entire catalog is sold only through online offers and can be made from the incorporation of the catalog on our website. Each lot indicates the remaining period to transmit your offers and will be closed with a programmed time lapse between that lot and the next; in each Online Auction, with a 2 minute interval.

If you are determined to bid on any of the lots offered, we will ask you to open a new account providing the required information and you will be assigned a buyer or palette number and an access code. In addition, we propose that you indicate your areas of interest so that we can inform you in the future of the lots included in those fields.


You can set the maximum amount of your offer and the system will administer this instruction communicating the partial results: it will confirm the reception of the same, and will indicate what value has been taken (not higher than your maximum number) to make it the highest offer and it will transmit you if it has been exceeded by raising yours to the maximum transmitted limit. Finally, it will notify you if this value has been exceeded by another client. And in the previous minutes to closing it will notify you of the status of the bids requesting that you be attentive to react in time if someone exceed your offer.



Bids are increased in a sequence established by our house.

  • Up to u$s 200 10
  • u$s 201 a u$s 499 20
  • u$s 500 a u$s 999 25
  • u$s 1,000 a u$s 1.999 50
  • u$s 2,000 a u$s 4.999 100
  • u$s 5,000 a u$s 9.999 250
  • u$s 10,000 a u$s 49.999 500
  • u$s 50,000 a u$s 99.999 1,000
  • u$s 100,000 o más 2,000

We will inform you if you are the winner

At the end of the bids all winners will receive an email confirming their purchase. The next day we will get in touch to establish the payment method and delivery method.


Each reception of offers will generate different system communications.

Are you interested in selling some works?

Send us an email briefly indicating
which works you intend to put on sale, and we will respond. click here

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