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Romances del Río Seco with drawings by Alberto Güiraldes.

Romances del Río Seco with drawings by Alberto Güiraldes. (Francisco A. Colombo). Buenos Aires - MCMXXVIII. (1938).

Special exemplar. Folio (32.2 x 23.3 cm / 12.67 x 9.17 in), 170 pp., (Includes Half-title and Title page), 2 sheets. Half leather binding with titles and gilt ribs; with their original covers. Copy number 321 of a special edition of one thousand, signed by Mrs. Juana González de Lugones, printed on the presses of Francisco A. Colombo, and illustrated with drawings by Alberto Güiraldes. This one in particular, with an original drawing and dedication, signed by A. Güiraldes. Lermon, n. 113, pp. 145 - 155. First edition.


Tenth and last of his poetry books. It is a posthumous publication, published a few months after Lugones took his life from it. This edition was printed simultaneously with the 100 copies made for the Argentine bibliophile society (out of trade), only on different paper, both under the direction of Eduardo Bullrich and Carlos M. Mayer; obviously with different colophon and details of the work.


The fine poet looked towards his native land, the town from Córdoba of María del Río Seco. His example was decisive in orienting our poetry towards Argentine themes, neglected in the fighting era of modernism. As in no other book of poetry, his language is simplified, achieving a plain and popular counterpoint.


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