Award of Merit from the National Exhibition of Córdoba. 1871.

Silver medal. Measures. Diameter: 5.8 cm / 2.28 in. Weight: 105 gr. Engraver: Wyon, London.

On the obverse: “Allegories. In the field four women, two standing to the left, one of them supporting a mace and the other a lyre in her left hand and a pitcher in her right, symbolizing the arts and industry. The woman in the center, kneeling, offers fruit to a fourth who, seated, extends her right arm to place a wreath of laurels. (...) Small upper perimeter legend: ARGENTINE REPUBLIC. Exergo, inside a pleated ribbon in three sections: EXHIBITION / NATIONAL / IN CÓRDOBA. At the bottom of the exergue in very small letters: J. S. & A. B. WYON SC." (1)

On the back, perimeter legend: FREEDOM AND WORK and in its lower part, YEAR MDCCCLXXI. In the field, within two stems with bay leaves attached at the base with a bow: TO THE MERIT / THE ARGENTINE GOVERNMENT / UNDER THE / ADMINISTRATION / OF / D. F. SARMIENTO. And below, in very small print: J. S. & A. B. WYON SC."

“On Sunday, January 21, 1872, within the framework of the closing ceremony, the award ceremony was held for the best exhibitors and the outstanding personalities of the National Exhibition of Córdoba. As the entrance was free during the whole final day, the event was full of public: 3,500 people attended”. (2) That day, gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded, as well as special mentions minted in pewter.


1. Arnaldo J. Cunietti-Ferrando: History of Argentine Medals. 1747 - 1880. Buenos Aires, Author's Edition, 2010, pp. 264-265.

2. Juan Carlos Grassi: National Exhibition of Córdoba in 1871. The beginning of the Argentine agribusiness. Buenos Aires, Editorial Ferias & Congresos, 2017, pp. 326-335.


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