Pont de L´Inca dans (...).

Pont de L´Inca dans le Passage de Santiago a Mendoza. Voiture de voyage. (Andes cu Chili). Bichebois lith. d´aprés E. B. de la Touanne. Lith. de Bernard et Frey. París. 1837.

Lithograph on paper, with the title and authorship indications at the bottom. Measures. Engraved box: 20.2 x 28.6 cm / 7.95 x 11.26 in. Paper: 34.5 x 51 cm / 13.58 x 20.07 in. Copy in very good condition. It is displayed framed.

The scene places us in this marvelous geographical feature that is so frequently addressed in Andean iconography. On the left, two subjects stand up and talk animatedly. They wear a hat and poncho, and put on their spurs indicating that they have just arrived here on their horses. On the other side of the bridge, to one side, five other travelers make a stop along the way to recharge their batteries. A horse and two pack mules can be seen. On the horizon, the immensity of the mountain range with a snowy peak that stands out. Undoubtedly, this work was born from the sketches made on the journey of Count Edmond B. de la Touanne -a member of H. de Bougainville's expedition-, a ship's lieutenant who crossed the Andes from Valparaíso and advanced towards Buenos Aires in 1837.

The view was included in the Atlas of the “Journal de la Navigation autour du Globe de la Frégate la Thétis et de la Corvette l'Espérancependant les années 1824, 1825 et 1826", as plate number 24. It is one of the four plates referring to the Argentine territory.

Like all great expeditions, this voyage carried out a mission of enormous strategic value (it was one of the most important of the 19th century) under the command of the Baron de Bougainville -exactly, Hyacinthe de Bougainville, son of Louis Antoine, the sailor who raised the first colony of European settlers in the Falkland Islands - naturalists and draftsmen embarked, and after completing the circumnavigation voyage, the ships returned to France with a rich material that included collections of specimens, a detailed cartography and views of the sites visited, more the story of the expedition. Finally, this report saw the light in 1837, in a work of two volumes of text and his atlas. The two frigates advanced first through Asia, Oceania and after crossing the Pacific, they arrived in Valparaíso, where they disembarked from the Touanne to cross the Andes, visit the city of Mendoza and continue an extensive land journey, until meeting up again with the expedition in Rio of Janiero. The image that we present is of his Andean journey, taken to stone by the Parisian lithographer Louis Pierre Alphonse Bichebois (1801 - 1851), of great reputation as a landscape painter.



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