Matra work. Mid 20th century.

Piece woven in sheep's wool on the warp side with the four-edge technique and false double-sided work. The colors of the textile base show a remarkable polychromy that highlights the floral figures framed by rhombuses on most of the surface of the matra, while, after the interruption of the drawing (traditionally the area of ​​culmination of the fabric) it shows the representation of the mountains that surely flanked the native valley of the weaver. On the side edges you can see the usual colored stripes, and on the top and bottom, a chain for protection. Measures. Length: 87 cm. Width: 101cm.

In reference to its origin, Justo P. Sáenz tells in Equitación Gaucha, «there are several origins, being the "pampas" woven by the Indians of this bias, the most famous for the quality of their preparation and beauty of colors. The matras were used and still are used as blankets or soft to sleep on the ground. (1)

The present, of good invoice, deserves by destiny a distinguished Creole entrepreneur.


1. Cited in Textiles of traditional use. By Enrique Taranto and Jorge Mari. Buenos Aires, Argentine Creole Association, p. 91.


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