Butcher's axe. Brand: Au Crocodile. Silver river. First half of the 20th century.

Wrought iron, with the mark on the handle: the figure of a crocodile. Measurements: Length: 30.8 cm. Width: 10.2cm. Weight: 986 grams.

The piece, a butcher's axe, has all the necessary elements for its functionality -design of the cutting area, handle and even a hole for its stowage-, and also has that charm that antiques transmit.

Francisco and Juan Dellazoppa formed a company in France in 1871 and opened shops in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. At the end of the 19th century they were one of the largest importers in the Río de la Plata and, Chester and Celestino maintain, we know that they were active until the 1940s with the Au crocodile and La Mulita brands, among others. [1] Associated with the Dellazoppa brothers was the firm Casa Trabucati y Cía in Montevideo, active since 1840 with Martín Trabucati as founder. Regarding this company, Robert Retamar says that "in cutlery they had registered the Au Crocodile brand and the La Mulita brand, the latter was registered by Companie Dellazzopa Ltda., Brussels, Belgium, in 1895." [2] In one of the images reproduced in this book, an advertisement, it is indicated that the Au Crocodile cutlery brand is of French origin.


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2. Roberto Retamar, Sarandí 250. Cutlery and silverware in Uruguay, author's edition, 2020, pp. 104-109.


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