Charro bit and reins. Zacatecas. Mexico. Late 19th century.

Zacatecan bit of Arab heritage, used in Mexico with mule cattle. There are few charros who use it on their horses because they are punishing, hence the importance with which a professional must assess its use. The charro rein is made of twisted bristle and adorned with a thread fabric. The “arrequives” are ornaments that also reinforce the workmanship; here they are woven with 3-color thread and have more than 6 points in the stars that are formed.

We appreciate the information provided by the Mexican charro teacher, Don Octavio Chávez, who also tells us that “The “arrequives” that I mention are not added as if they were beads for the hair, they are woven on the reins or object to be covered, usually in a cylindrical shape”.


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