Head game. Buenos Aires province. First half of the 20th century.

Exceptional head set formed by the bridle, bridle and reins, and the particular muzzle with its caprest. This is a great work of goldsmithing, executed with solid silver flats chiseled with details of leaves and flowers, the latter highlighted with gold applications, and two decorative branches made with chains of flattened links. In the center of the headpiece, a rosette with the initials openwork and highlighted in gold.

It has an important brake of cups with the pontezuela, executed by the same goldsmith. This is confirmed by the decoration of the outstanding pontezuela -its treatment is in harmony with the design noted in the flats-, where a large monogram with openwork and engraved letters in gold stands out. With damascened iron swivel.

With sober reins and halter, with short pins, with silver pumps.

Unfortunately, by not placing a mark of authorship, the identity of its author is unknown, without a doubt, a notable Creole silversmith who worked this set adhering to traditional designs, but adding a particular artistic flair. His owner saddled him in Creole parades and national holidays, being the pride of his region. Today he is looking for a new destination, perhaps to show it off on the central court of the Palermo estate of the Argentine Rural Society with a message of clubs from the province of Buenos.

We appreciate the information provided by Raúl Oscar Finucci.


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