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C. F. BOEHRINGER & SOEHNE. MANNHEIM. Germany // OTTO PERUTZ - MUNICH. Germany. Circa 1900.

Rare.. Oblong Quarto folder (20 x 25.5 cm / 7.87 x 10.03 in), with 10 sheets with glued photomechanical printing photographs. Publisher's binding on brown cardboard, hardly worn out. Exemplar in good condition.


Striking publicity folder of two German firms dedicated to the production of chemical products for pharmacological use, and plates and chemicals for photography. The high-quality images of Europe and Asia served as an example of the nobility of the material offered. All were taken on “Perutz Perorto (Green Seal)” plates, with the exception of one on a “Vogel Obernetter plate with silver eosin”.


The photographic records were made by doctors, engineers and the military; most likely, some of them professionals from these same companies, also seasoned photographers. This selection reminds us of our Argentine Amateur Photographic Society.


The photographs display landscapes and architectures from Germany, and one of them is from the Indian city Benares. Highlights a view taken from a balloon of the city of Meissen, and another with a fire in an agricultural establishment, typical Germanic wooden architecture. At the same time, in all of them we see the advertising of the Arsenoferratose tonic "Boehringer". We read in another advertising publication of the company that Arsenoferratose is an "excellent tonic". Recommended by medical authorities against anemia, neurasthenia, nervous diseases. The advertising ends with the legend: “Pleasant taste, well tolerated”. Years later, the German company Perutz would become a pioneer in the introduction of color photography worldwide.


We must point out that in the field of photographic collecting there is a ranking of opportunities on finds; the first and most common are obviously photographs from all eras, techniques, authors, themes, etc. The second item is the rarest cameras and other technical equipment and finally, due to their rarity, are the advertisements, brochures or technical manuals of the time. This folder is located in this range.


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