Bridle with muzzle. Argentina, 19th - 20th centuries.

Chiseled and cast silver, with its leather side pulls and flat pins. Measurements. Length: 47.5 cm / 18.7 in. Width: 38.5 cm / 15.15 in. Weight: 634 gr.

Of old construction, this piece underwent its transformation in a long time of use. Formed with its leather side straps, decorated with flat silver barrettes and two rosettes cast in this metal -it lacks a buckle to hold behind the horse's ears-, it has the forehead with a national shield, and the half snout with a central plate with a face chiseled by water. Both are linked by chains of flat links and rings that assemble them together.

According to Luis A. Flores, “muzzle headbands are those that, in addition to having the aforementioned shots and forehead (...) present a half snout joining this with the forehead by means of an additional central strand, a variant of which is commonly used when it comes to pieces of silver flats. " (1)


1. Luis Alberto Flores: Bocados y cabezadas. In El Chasque Surero, Buenos Aires, May 20000, Year 6, N. 67, pp. 8 and 9. Cited in “Platería ecuestre rioplatense”. Buenos Aires, Eguiguren editions, 2014, p. 146.

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