Plowing. Beginning of the 20th century.

Petit bronze with patina. Measurements. Height: 29 cm / 11.02 in. Length: 44 cm / 17.32 in. width: 15 cm / 5.9 in.

Symbol of rural work, so dear to our national construction, is that of the hand plow opening the virgin land to plant food there. In this case, a peasant, wearing boots and a hat, performs the arduous task with his horse. The fence advances stuck in the ground and we see both the man and the horse the effort for work. The animal wears a collar from which it pulls the walking plow, plus a belly band and bridle. The branches and reins -from the bridle to the peasant's hands, and from the collar to the plow- are represented with bronze threads.

The garment of the farmer and the implements used remind us of the traditional use of the plow in Latin European countries: Spain, Italy or France.

The set, with the exception of the bronze threads, was made with the old lost wax technique. The work rests on a double pedestal of marble and wood.


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